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Elder Foster - Inspection - watch, about, men who .

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Elder Foster - Inspection (having sex, about, watch, miss)
Studio: Mormon Boyz

The best part of being a priesthood leader is, without a doubt, the contact with all of the hot, younger men who are looking for guidance and, often, a sexual education. Given how often young Mormon men feel guilty, it is not at all surprising that they are constantly seeking out their priesthood leaders for reassurance.
After Elder Foster messed around with his greenie trainer, his guilt started building. Then his companion told him about a secretive order within the church. A fraternal order that maintained the lineage of a true and higher priesthood. He and his companion kept having sex, a lot of sex. And eventually, Elder Miller introduced him to one of the priesthood authorities who was part of this order. His name was Bishop Angus.
The experience was incredibly hot, but it left him confused. His companion had accepted the Bishops offer during their induction to join their organization. Elder Foster badly wanted to say yes right then, but instead said he would have to spend some time thinking it through.
Its not that he didnt want to join this secretive organization, he absolutely did. And he was certain he would eventually say yes. But it was just really hard to believe. Prior to this point, the message he had been getting about same sex attraction was pretty clear. And, despite feeling guilty, now that he had started, he didnt want to stop having sex.
So he had sex with another missionary while on splits. Elder Peterson. And it was amazing.
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But finally, he couldnt take it anymore. His guilt built up to a point where he had to go talk to his mission president. He was sure that his mission President would tell him he had to stop. Repent or go home dishonorably. But that is not what happened. In fact, his mission president confirmed what Bishop Angus had told him…and then fucked him!
There was no longer really much to think about. He would say yes. So when his mission president contacted him for an interview at the chapel where he had met Bishop Angus, he was certain the invitation to join The Order was just around the corner.
And Elder Foster cant wait to get his tight pink hole pounded.

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Elder Foster - Inspection Elder Foster - Inspection.
Elder Foster - Inspection Elder Foster - Inspection - having sex, about, watch, miss, men who

Elder Foster - Inspection.
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Elder Foster - Inspection (about, men who, watch, having sex, miss)



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